TapClicks Acquires Megalytic, to Offer Seamless Data Integration

TapClicks Acquires Megalytic, to Offer Seamless Data Integration

TapClicks, the global leader in marketing intelligence, analytics, reporting, workflow and orders management, announced that it has acquired Megalytic, a leading provider of client reporting and dashboard solutions.

Known for its ease of use and automated reporting capabilities, Megalytic will now feature access to the hundreds of proprietary data connectors included in the TapClicks MarketPlace to offer digital marketers the seamless integration of data from the full breadth of popular marketing and advertising tools used in the industry today.

“Megalytic’s beauty is in its simplicity and power. While automating the tedious, repetitive task of client reporting, it allows users to create beautiful, engaging and interactive dashboards that are loved by clients, management and other marketing stakeholders alike,” said Colby West, president, TapClicks. “We are excited to bring Megalytic into the TapClicks ecosystem to give marketers a robust but streamlined reporting solution that seamlessly integrates with the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform suite of intelligence capabilities.”

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As part of the transaction, Megalytic founder and CEO, Mark Hansen, joins TapClicks as its new VP of Data Product. Hansen will focus on monetizing TapClicks’ extensive data resources as it continues to lead the industry in performance analytics, marketing intelligence and scalable reporting capabilities. Prior to founding and selling Megalytic, Hansen was the founder and CEO of Kinderhook Systems, a software engineering firm he sold to Xpedior. An experienced software executive, serial entrepreneur, and hands-on product manager, Hansen holds a Ph.D. from MIT’s Laboratory for Computer Science and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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“TapClicks’ AI and machine learning technologies are making major advancements to tackle marketing’s big data challenges and meet the needs of advertisers, marketers and sales teams from agencies, brands, and media companies across the industry,” said Mark Hansen, VP of data product, TapClicks. “I look forward to building on TapClicks’ innovation as we bring to market more sophisticated solutions for advanced attribution, lead scoring and trend analysis to optimize performance and the marketing mix.”

As Megalytic is integrated into the TapClicks ecosystem, the company will add new data connectors to both platforms on an ongoing basis. Existing Megalytic customers will also have access to exclusive upgrade options so they too can leverage the powerful and sophisticated analytics, intelligence, operations and reporting capabilities of the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform.

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