Madison Logic Announces Oracle Eloqua Integration

Madison Logic Announces Oracle Eloqua Integration

Madison Logic, the leading global account-based marketing (ABM) platform, announced a bi-directional integration with market-leading marketing automation platform Oracle Eloqua.

This cutting-edge integration allows B2B marketers to combine best-in-class campaign management tools with Madison Logic’s global reach and advanced targeting.

For years, leading companies have leveraged the Madison Logic platform to measure ABM effectiveness, shorten sales cycles and accelerate growth. With this integration, Oracle Marketing Automation users can align messaging and targeting throughout their marketing funnel to push more qualified accounts to sales faster. This integration allows marketers to launch Madison Logic ABM Content Syndication and ABM Advertising programs triggered by Oracle Eloqua campaigns and audience targeting criteria. It also gives Oracle Eloqua customers access to the ML Data Cloud to leverage Madison Logic engagement data in their nurturing strategies.

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“With Oracle Eloqua’s consistent growth among our client set, as well as our long-term relationship together, we knew our customers could see immediate benefits with this integration,” said Tom O’Regan, Madison Logic CEO. “Companies leveraging integrations with marketing automation for Journey Acceleration see a 300% lift in their marketing programs, and now those benefits are extended to customers of the Oracle platform.”

With this integration, Oracle Eloqua customers now have access to more capabilities and channels to align with their nurturing strategies, including:

  • Hyper-targeting: By combining Oracle Eloqua data with ML firmographic, technographic, audience, and intent data, marketers can create personalized content at scale. By defining and segmenting target lists, they can ensure key decision-makers see the right content and messaging wherever they are in the funnel.
  • ABM Signals: ML engagement data streams back into Oracle Eloqua to enable more efficient reporting and lead/account scoring. By using ML engagement data inside Oracle Eloqua, marketers can push marketing-qualified accounts to sales teams with more confidence.
  • Journey Acceleration™: Take ABM to the next level with Journey Acceleration™. By integrating Oracle Eloqua data with the ML Data Cloud, accounts automatically move into the proper ML media and content programs, seamlessly synchronizing messaging with Oracle Eloqua nurture campaigns.

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Madison Logic empowers B2B marketers to convert their best accounts faster by finding and engaging with the most influential individuals throughout the buyer journey.

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