Luminoso Launches New Capabilities to Accelerate Customer Feedback Analysis

Luminoso Launches New Capabilities to Accelerate Customer Feedback Analysis

Luminoso announced a series of new capabilities in Luminoso Daylight, the company’s natural language understanding application that offers a fast way for businesses to analyse unstructured text data, such as product reviews, open-ended survey responses, and support tickets.​​

With the introduction of advanced sentiment analysis and a new insights dashboard, Luminoso’s users will be able to conduct more robust analyses of unstructured customer data, faster than ever before.

Launched in 2015, Luminoso Daylight has helped organisations from around the world uncover actionable insights from customer feedback. Unlike most text analytics platforms, Luminoso Daylight doesn’t need training, coding, libraries, or ontologies to analyse unstructured text data and quantify feedback at scale fully. Business and technical users alike can derive analytical value and deep insights in minutes with Luminoso Daylight, allowing them to make informed decisions, fixes, and improvements to their products and services more quickly.

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“We built Daylight to offer all users — including those without data science backgrounds — the fastest, most intuitive way to automate the understanding of customer feedback datasets without barriers, such as the need for training machine learning models and creating ontologies,” said Ying Chen, chief product officer of Luminoso. “This focus has allowed us to attract a customer base of world-leading brands that are looking for better ways to understand emerging trends and new topics to improve the customer journey and drive market leadership.”

Luminoso Daylight now features:

Expansion of answers-first approach

Luminoso is introducing Highlights, a Luminoso Daylight dashboard that enables users at all levels of data science to find insights from customer experience data even faster. With Highlights, employees in marketing, sales, product development, or service departments can simply upload customer feedback datasets related to a specific product, service, or brand, and immediately find answers to a number of questions, such as:

  • Which concepts in the feedback are most prevalent?
  • What do people feel strongly about regarding a product, service, or brand?
  • What issues are affecting the star rating of a company’s product or service?
  • What are the largest clusters of conversation?

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Advanced sentiment analysis

Luminoso Daylight now provides advanced document-level sentiment for concepts, identifying the words and phrases that customers feel most strongly about. Using Daylight’s sentiment capabilities, customers can:

  • Understand the sentiment associated with words and phrases (negative, positive, and neutral);
  • Surface the top 50 words and phrases with the most sentiment;
  • Filter subsets of documents to examine differences in sentiment; and
  • Analyse sentiment natively in multiple languages, including emojis and emoticons.

Requiring little setup, maintenance, training, or data input, Luminoso combines Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology with a vast knowledge base to learn words from context—as humans do—and accurately analyse the text in minutes, not months. The software provides native support in over a dozen languages, so leaders can explore data relationships, make sense of feedback, and route inquiries to drive value.

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