GoDaddy Acquires Social Content Startup Over

GoDaddy Acquires Social Content Startup Over

GoDaddy has reached an agreement to acquire Over, the startup behind an app that helps businesses create the photos and videos they need for social media.

This follows GoDaddy’s relaunch of its website-building tools under the new name Websites+Marketing, with additional features around email marketing, search engine optimisation and maintaining a presence beyond your website, whether that’s on Facebook or Yelp.

Justin Tsai, Vice President, Growth and Product at GoDaddy said “Websites+Marketing now has 1 million paying customers, but as more business started using it, we started noticing users really had trouble creating great content as they go to those platforms. They didn’t know what to post or how to make that post really sing.”

That’s where Over comes in, offering a variety of customisable templates and layouts that should make it faster and easier to create eye-catching visual content. The goal, according to co-founder and CEO Matt Winn, is to “build guitars, not violins” — in the same way, that someone can pick up a guitar and “strum a few cords,” they should be able to download Over and quickly “start creating really great content.”

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Tsai said GoDaddy and Over were initially discussing a partnership, but as it became clear that there was an opportunity to integrate the products more deeply, those discussions led to acquisition talks.

Over will continue to operate as a standalone app, and he said the team would continue to develop new features for the app. At the same time, they’ll be building integrations with Websites+Marketing, for example by taking Over and connecting it “into our insights tool to understand how different elements of [online] presence layer in together, to look at templates and how those actually help different types of small business owners.”

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