ActionIQ and SparkPost Join Forces to Deliver Transformative Digital Customer Experiences

ActionIQ and SparkPost Join Forces to Deliver Transformative Digital Customer Experiences

Combined Solutions Empower Data for Flexible, Scalable and Cost-Effective Email Communications, Driving Improved Email Experiences and Relevance

ActionIQ, the leading customer data platform for enterprises, and SparkPost, the world’s largest email delivery and analytics engine that delivers over a third of the world’s email, today announced an integrated solution bringing brands real-time email delivery, intelligence, and personalisation. 

The combined solution delivers improved personalised and contextual email experiences to customers and increases revenue potential for brands—all at a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

“A lot of our clients are moving to a hub-and-spoke marketing stack, where data, intelligence, and orchestration lives within a centralised CDP hub, and the spokes are the delivery systems,”, said Justin DeBrabant, VP Product at ActionIQ. 

“SparkPost enables that model perfectly. They also bring real-time integration of sending and analytics, which means faster, smarter delivery with deeper insights. We’re excited to be able to seamlessly capture real-time customer data and support the delivery of meaningful, valuable communications swiftly and effectively.”

The key to improved engagement is personalisation backed by data and intelligence. ActionIQ’s platform can unify all of an enterprise’s data to drive intelligence and cross-channel personalisation, including in email. SparkPost offers state-of-the-art deliverability analytics and intelligence, which is fed in real-time back into ActionIQ, ensuring each send is responding to individual consumer behaviours and dynamically creating personalised experiences based on their preferences.

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The integrated solution allows organisations to better tackle challenges related to scalability at cost, customer relevance and personalisation.

“Meeting the data aggregation and analytical needs of enterprise-level email programs is not an easy task,” said Hal Muchnick, Chief Commercial Officer at SparkPost. 

“By combining the power of ActionIQ and SparkPost’s intelligent email solutions, organisations can deliver data-powered, highly tailored communications cost-effectively.

This drives better engagement for the reader and improves their on-going brand experiences.”

Organisations wanting to leverage ActionIQ and SparkPost’s integrated solution will have the best of data and deliverability to make the most of every digital engagement with customers, ultimately deepening brand-and-customer relationships, revenue and customer loyalty. 

As the world leans on digital marketing more than ever before, ActionIQ and SparkPost’s integration is empowering businesses to accelerate opportunity and growth during somewhat challenging environments.

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