5 Things to Take Away From the 2nd Vibe Marketers Fest

5 Things to Take Away From the 2nd Vibe Marketers Fest

The Vibe Marketers Fest (VMF) 2019, the region’s first, largest, and most credible marketing technology event, is just a couple of months away.

With all the news coming from its offices, we’re excited to find out what some of the brand leaders will be addressing at the summit.

Industry heads from Emirates NBD, Novo Cinemas, Hubspot, Talabat, Schneider Electric and ClearTrip will provide insights on developing smart marketing strategies with technology, innovation and intelligence.

Here is what we can expect to take away from this year’s Vibe Marketers Fest, Dubai:

Customer Centricity Webinar

1. The New Rules of Marketing Technology and Operations

Digital technologies and platforms have brought about a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, compelling marketers to adapt accordingly. With over 7000 Marketing Technology solutions, marketers need to stay agile in their selection and consider what combination works best for them.

Earlier this year, Scott Brinker, the man responsible for mapping the marketing technology landscape, coined the phrase “MarTech is Marketing”, which only goes to set the precedence for marketing teams in the coming years.

We can only speculate that his keynote at the Vibe Marketers Fest will address how these trends are changing the advertising playing field, and the evolving dynamics between brands and consumers.

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2. Is the New-age CMO Technologically Aligned?

Global giants such as McDonalds, Uber and Johnson & Johnson have eliminated the CMO role. Is this reflective of the changing times where CMOs will transform into CMTOs?

The question also arises about the current workforce and are they skilled enough to develop strategies wrapped around customer experience, data and marketing technology?

A key panel discussion hosting CMOs from leading regional brands seems to be a fitting way to bring the boardroom discussion to the summit and understand the internal on-going, the advent of MarTech in the lives of these brands and how they plan to chart a marketing roadmap moving forward.

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3. Harnessing Data and Analytics to Personalise Customer Experience

Debate and discussions on data and privacy have been a contentious issue in recent times. With pressure on major players like Google and Facebook to implement better structures and allow users more control over how their data is being used, brands now face new challenges.

Data is the lifeline for any business, and the one size fits all approach does not work anymore. As consumer expectations continue to rise, marketers must study data to understand the buyer persona to deliver relevant and personalised customer experience.

With much at stake, brands can find out how social listening, better data management systems and relevant content targetting can enable them to be more customer-centric in their approach.

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4. How Machine Learning Can Help Power Personalisation

Emerging applications like Machine Learning (ML marketing in MEA expected to reach USD 0.50 Bn by 2023) is enabling brands to optimise their marketing campaigns at scale and help ace the 4R Model of delivering the right message to the right customer via the right channel at the right time.

Brands can no longer rely on cookie-cutter customer experiences. According to a McKinsey report, organisations that personalise CX reduce acquisition costs by 50%, increase revenue by 15% and optimise marketing spend between 10-30%.

This is an excellent opportunity for brands to learn how Machine Learning can help predict churn, identify hidden customer segments and uncover impactful insights.

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5. Keeping People at the Centre of all Marketing Strategies

Marketers are now seen as an investment in a companies future and are charged with growth. By placing customer insights into the hands of creative folks, marketers can activate opportunities that were previously hidden – build loyalty in a new segment, create an individualised customer experience or cross-sell to a long-time stagnant customer.

On reviewing the summit’s agenda, the workshops scheduled on November 6 seems to be a great opportunity for marketers to learn how Customer Data Platforms fits into the broader marketing data architecture, fuelling growth through rapid experimentation and testing and learn to individualise user experiences across websites and apps.

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What are you looking forward to learning this year? Let us know on our social media handles.

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