How to Build a Growth Marketing Team to Scale, Emre Tok – Growth Marketing Champions EP 01

How to Build a Growth Marketing Team to Scale, Emre Tok – Growth Marketing Champions EP 01

Welcome to the first episode of Growth Marketing Champions with Emre Tok presented by MarTech Vibe Middle East.

 In this Episode, Emre talks about:

– His definition of Growth and Building Growth Marketing Teams
– His success in building a Growth Marketing Engine at Careem (Uber)
– The pros and cons of a ‘Subscription Model’
– The future of Mobility and Ride-hailing amidst COVID 19

About Emre: has 21 years of experience in Product Marketing, Development & Management, Digital, Customer Analytics, Growth and Internet Business Development. He has embarked on many successful projects in multinational companies in UAE, the UK and Turkey. 

He built a proven record of selecting, growing, promoting and retaining high calibre teams across growth or customer-facing functions; reflected in his P&L ownership experience with proven ability to lead a team to meet specific KPIs (e.g. revenue, engagement metrics). 

He is most proud of the talented teams that he has built. Emre tries to excel in delivering high impact technology innovations to internal and external audiences within and beyond KPIs and ROI. 

As he has led teams with up to 85 members, revenue up to $120m in Tech, E-Learning, SaaS, Car Hailing, Telco, Internet, Digital, B2C, B2B, P2P; he has also tried to understand, orchestrate, and influence customer campaigns and marketing activities as well as deliver products, solutions and customer campaign feedback. 

His leadership has led and participated in various business transformations such as 

• Leading the holistic strategy for customer growth in the first Unicorn of MENATP region 

• Directing all the Roaming VAS/Voice Revenue services for the leading Telco, $100M 

• Leading the product partner and marketing activities for the 2nd largest Search engine in the UK, 

• Achieving 35% increase in revenue in two consecutive years for the leading E-Learning Company of Turkey, 

• And launching Music, Video & Game on demand serv. for the leading Telecom operator in 9 months. 

His leadership reflects his motivation, curiosity, creativity, discipline, organisation, ability to resolve conflict and communications skills in executive presentation and reporting. 

Emre also has the ability to interact effectively and build relationships with a global customer base, in a multicultural environment, and with all levels of the organisation from C-level to individual contributors. 

His motto and driving force are continuous improvement every second and learning every day.

 Emre has the expertise of on Growth Team building, constructing Growth Playbooks and unique experience on automating Marketing via frameworks of categorisation, acquisition, segmentation, engagement and churn.

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