Email Marketing: The Linking Chain Between Digital Transformation and Customer Communications

Email Marketing: The Linking Chain Between Digital Transformation and Customer Communications

The rise of the digital transformation in the past few years is evident.

Isn’t it? Due to the Internet’s breakthrough in social media sites, effective social media marketing has somehow shadowed email marketing. But, email marketing is the most profitable tool to reach out to the greater mass even today.

In the words of Colin Nederkoorn, nothing but the only email is the prominent eye-catcher for customers to express interest in your real business.

Take a child taking up a primary school; even that young brain would have an email id. In this tech-savvy generation, email forms part and parcel of our lives. Email marketing is the generic form that combines all of these features to become a communication channel between the customers and the organisation selling products.

What do you need to start a successful venture?

Opportunities and return on investment?

With email marketing, you will create the former and latter at the cost of old-fashioned media. 

For this, let’s check out some of the advantages of email marketing.

Targeting emails promulgate a higher conversion rate.

The problem strikes when a business group is unaware of its target audience. 

All the core concerns drop off when you take note of the target audience. Email marketing allows you to dissect your contact and place emails, respectively.

The days have lopped out when an organisation required advertisement and placemat to reach its target audience. 

In the email marketing space, you can push-in the content that suits your client’s needs.

A customised text message in the form of email is the first trust of every customer. All of this, in return, fosters a direct conversion rate at par. 

The use of email marketing automation and software are two analytical methods offering features like bounce rates, click-through rates, open rates, curate templates, and generate email design.

Branding fixes you at the top-of-mind.

For small or medium scale businesses, every email sent matters. It is a continuous process of sending in and receiving emails that build value. 

More emails are sent to clients through email, an increase in brand awareness slides over. It helps in staying top-of-mind with the audience.

Besides, when a customer requires your product or services, a company sourcing email marketing has a better chance of gaining leads. 

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One tool that adduces this process of branding is by way of User-Generated Content (UGC). It is the connecting channel that procures customer feedback and product reviews in a designed way. 

UGC campaigns honed with thumbs up or down help in bringing feedback from customers.

The more the number of engagements, the higher is the responsiveness. Functional interactivity inside the email advances the promotions, rollover effects, animated buttons, accordion features, and polls in addition to other relevant actions.

Believe it or not, these plugging in email marketing results from the changing landscape in the digital world.

There’s a study conducted where more than 30% of the companies feel that they shall adopt digital transformation to ensure modular customer communications in a span of 12 to 24 months.

Business professionals accrue Credibility.

Customer communications and digital transformation go hand in hand. If one of both is dismantled, any organisation can lose clients.

Email marketing is a credible tool that fixes a company rightfully with customers to prevent this revenue drop.

A simple click helps subscribers to share the company’s policies, offers, deals, etc. Customers believe in trustworthy stories. 

Using the features of email marketing, you can create augmented stories that hold your product’s marrow.

Nowadays, business professionals send out a promise that hardly gets missed through emails. Customers have the benefit of communicating one on one. Impactful subject lines catch the clients’ eyes in one go.

The bottom line is more than 3.9 billion users in 2020 are in concurrent use of emails. 293.6 billion emails are delivered and received every single day. 81% of SMBs invest their trust in email marketing.

Whether it is a small or medium scale business, email marketing is a coagulated tool that yields several boons. Every email generates floods of calls. Email campaigns can bring on more number of donations.

Build unbeatable relationships with the customer, vendors, partners, and many more. Brand building is rightfully happening through email marketing. 

Device friendly: supports any form of electronic device for an email to reach potential customers.

With limited time and unlimited tasks, email marketing is the easiest channel to prioritise your problems. It is a podcast to connect, attract, and engage with customers using digital transformation to generate revenue.

The metrics for measuring success are accurate.

Email Marketing does not involve ambiguity in measuring the success of any social media campaign of businesses. Its focus point depends upon subscriber retention rates, delivery rates, click-to-deliver rates, and open rates.

Email marketing is the direct customer’s tool. It infers their behaviour and interests right away. 

Some of the tools used to make email marketing efficient are:

● Mobile-first web design

● Rich Communication Services(RCS) messaging

● Accelerated mobile pages(AMPs)

Affordability is the marrow here.

For the advertisement, a company has to pay for costs. With email marketing, there are no hidden charges, no postage fees, and no print costs. For big companies, it somehow manages high costs in the advertisement.

But small or medium ones, it is a headache to spend revenue on the advertisement. A study puts forth that email marketing results in $42 for every $1 invested.

Email marketing is a stable platform.

If you go back to June 2006, Google was the most visited website in the United States. 

And, as of now, it has superseded almost every other search engine. It portrays that people invest a lot of time on the Internet.

And, with email, it can store history at a greater range. Developers are in constant practice to curate more efficient modern tools to help businesses to grow every hour. 

Amidst all the channels, email marketing is the one that outperforms all.

Continuous pitching helps in incurring monetisation at par. Email marketing is an asset in itself. 

Do marketing experts admit whenever asked from where do they earn their revenue? It’s always email marketing. 70% of the revenue comes from it.

The linkage of email marketing with digital transformation and customer communications are interlinked with each other. Besides, the coordination among the three creates history in the digital space.


With limited time and unlimited tasks, email marketing is the most accessible channel to prioritise your problems. It is one of the best marketing methods to connect, attract, and engage with customers using digital transformation to generate revenue.


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