Effective Automotive Marketing in the Digital Era

Effective Automotive Marketing in the Digital Era

In an era where it is increasingly automated and digital, reaching out to target markets can be challenging for highly competitive industries such as the car dealership market

For Al Masaood Automobiles, which continue to be among the region’s leading car dealers with outstanding sales records, it owes a key part of its success to effective ways in generating leads and marketing techniques.

It’s never about quantity, but rather the quality of leads that you would generate in your lead-tracking system combined with the right techniques to measure the overall effectiveness.

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The company’s marketing department deeply understands how technology has reshaped media spending today and the need to quickly adapt to emerging changes.

With a rich amount of information available online today, there are many new ways of driving genuine leads into the business, transforming even the function of marketing in most organisations. New job responsibilities are introduced to accommodate the digital era.

Although there has been a huge growth in digital advertising, it does not mean that traditional forms of marketing do not work anymore as TV, outdoor media and radio continue to still provide significant role and take a good share of ad spend by businesses.

Embracing digital trends does not mean stepping away completely from such above-the-line channels that are still deemed effective in maximising reach and building brand awareness. The most essential “old method” is still good creative content, which remains the foundation of effective marketing.

For Al Masaood Automobiles, good and relevant content makes the cut, not only in improving the engagement rate but also boosting its Google search ranking.

However, good content will not serve much purpose if the right people are not exposed to the relevant ad.

Most marketing campaigns that fail are guilty of choosing the channel first without verifying that their target market regularly uses it.

Even through programmatic advertising, with the rise of ad blockers and browsers implementing measures to prevent tracking users over the web, the results are also expected to be hindered.

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In my opinion, any marketing program should have clear success metrics and a planning framework that ensure the following basic elements are met: defining the desired target and relevant personas; outlining the components and tools to track progress towards achieving the marketing goals, and identifying the mechanics for lead nurturing.

Finally, it is important to monitor media spend regularly throughout the campaign duration to yield better Return on Marketing Investments (ROMI) through spend optimisation, coupled with a post-campaign analysis (PCA) to assess the campaign’s effectiveness together with valuable learnings.

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