Know Your Customers’ Preference, and Connect with Them as Individuals

Ehtesham Mohammed, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Manthan has an illustrious career spanning over 19 years in the IT industry. He has worked with large financial institutions and retailers across the Americas, Europe, India and Middle East. In his role at Manthan, he heads the business for the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets, where his consumer […]

Governments Need to Ensure Citizen-centric Social Media Engagement

In Part 2 of his exclusive interview with MarTech Vibe, Dr Lucasz Porwal, E-Government Deputy Unit Leader at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), talks about citizen-centric social media approach, government policies in the EU, and whether social media should be regulated. To read the first part of this […]

Governments Should Harness the Untapped Power of Social Media Influencers

Dr Lukasz Porwol is the E-Government Deputy Unit Leader at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). His research work focuses on leveraging digital technologies such as social media and virtual reality (VR) to support effective communication, collaboration, and co-creation; particularly in the context of e-Participation, e-Governance, and Media Convergence. […]

CDP Alone Won’t Solve Your Data Problems

David Raab is known to the MarTech world as the man who coined the term Customer Data Platform in 2013. As the founder and CEO of the CDP Institute, Raab has been a leader in exploring and explaining how marketers can use CDPs to solve today’s most pressing marketing challenges. He is a marketing technology […]

GCC Brands Need to Take Steps Towards Bridging the Data Gap

Paschalis Petalas is a senior executive specialising in developing customer strategies, leveraging analytics, and leading data-driven marketing initiatives to create new revenue streams and maximise customer lifetime value. He has a track record of success in crafting engaging customer experiences via personalisation, digital campaigns, and the development of advanced analytics and CRM capabilities. Paschalis has […]

MRM Can Help the Middle East Make Marketing More Efficient

Mirko Holzer is the CEO of BrandMaker, a leading provider of marketing resource management software. A passionate entrepreneur and one of the most successful software managers in Germany, Mirko has been the strategic head and the driving force behind the success story of BrandMaker since 2008, which he co-founded along with Sven A. Schäfer. Born […]

Brands Must Look For Growth Opportunities Outside of Walled Gardens

Michele Iozzo is Managing Director Middle East & Africa at Criteo. He joined the company in 2011 as Business Development Manager in Germany, and rose through the ranks, first as Head of Strategic Partnerships and Data – Germany, then as Commercial Director – MEA, and now as the Managing Director. Michele has more than 10 […]

Identifying The Right Marketing Technology is a Challenge for CMOs

Christian Andersen is the Director of Product Marketing for IBM across the Middle East and Africa region. Over the course of the 19 years with IBM, nine of which were spent in this region, Christian has held several marketing roles across diverse functional areas as market intelligence, campaign management, digital, channel, client and product marketing […]

Big Data, IoT, and AI Will Help Personalise Brand Experience

Darren Coleman, founder and managing consultant at Wavelength Marketing, talks extensively about brand experience.  With over 20 years of experience in brand marketing spanning B2B, B2C, goods, services, Darren is a regular speaker at marketing conferences. He holds an MA, a services branding PhD and is a visiting also a lecturer in Corporate Brand Management […]

People Expect Actions and Not Just Ads from Brands

Beatrice Cornacchia, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Middle East and Africa, Mastercard has a piece of advice for new-age marketers.   Beatrice has been associated with the brand for the past 20 years. In this exclusive interview, she talks about the nature of new age marketing, the opportunities technologies bring, and the advice she has […]