MarTech Consolidation and Simplicity is Key For 2020

Speaking exclusively to MarTech Vibe, Rami Zahran opines about the state of marketing in healthcare, the challenges CMOs are currently facing and his MarTech predictions for 2020. 1. How do you perceive the state of healthcare marketing in the current day and age? Over the last few years, I have experienced a tremendous amount of […]

Brands Must Look For Growth Opportunities Outside of Walled Gardens

In an exclusive interview with MarTech Vibe, Michele Lozzo speaks at length about marketing technology in the Middle East, the importance of data privacy, and the spread of e-commerce in the region. Excerpts from the email interaction: 1. What have been Criteo’s big wins and noteworthy campaigns so far? How do you plan to take […]

Data is a Currency That Holds Value When Monitored

In an interview with Omar Rebhan, Vice President – PR & Business Development Spokesperson at Hunger Station, the team asks him about the importance of data analytics, the challenges with regards to digitisation, and why growth hacking is a popular marketing trend in the region. 1. Give us an insight into why the Kingdom has […]

MaDTech Offerings Will Answer The Growing Need For Data-Driven Strategies

In an interview with MarTech Vibe, Nader Bitar of MMP Worldwide breaks the myths about programmatic advertising, the opportunities that come with MaDTech (blend of MarTech and AdTech), the growing need for data-driven strategies and his 2020 predictions for the region. ————————— 1. What has been the most common misconception with regards to what defines […]

AI-powered Personalisation Will Have a Big Impact on Marketing

Kalpit Jain is the Group Chief Executive Officer at Netcore Solutions. Jain is a digital marketing technologist with over 21 years of experience in technology, digital marketing, and marketing automation space. In his current role, he helps drive reliable, customer-focused results, and has been instrumental in architecting Netcore’s flagship email products. He also likes to dabble […]

CDP Can Help See Campaign Performance Across Segments and Reduce Marketing Fatigue

Bashar Hafez is the Co-founder and Managing Director at E-Cens. He is a seasoned global technology executive with nearly 20 years of experience leading software, product development and analytics at Fortune 500 companies, regional and global brands. Bashar works closely with Google, Tealium and industry-leading technology partners to offer best-in-class data and optimisation services. He […]

Top 5 Social Media Technology Trends in 2020

Mazen Nahawi is the president of News Group, an organisation focused on serving the communications and PR industry. The company includes several strategic businesses, including CARMA (a global media intelligence leader), SocialEyez (a social data and engagement practice), and Interactive (a software development company focused on eGovernment services). Mazen started his career 15 years ago […]

Governments Need to Ensure Citizen-centric Social Media Engagement

In Part 2 of his exclusive interview with MarTech Vibe, Dr Lukasz Porwol, E-Government Deputy Unit Leader at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), talks about citizen-centric social media approach, government policies in the EU, and whether social media should be regulated. To read the first part of this […]

AI is Helping Solve the Problem of Soaring Customer Acquisition Costs

Damien Acheson is the Head of Marketing at Cien, an AI-first company that helps sales leaders manage the performance of their teams and drive quota attainment A graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management and Sciences Po Paris, Damien can often be found whistling on his way to work, or shuttling between Spain, France, […]

Your Customer Doesn’t See a Journey, They See a Brand Experience

Steve Earl is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for Oracle’s Customer Experience Cloud In his role, Steve focuses on the go-to-market strategy for CX products and solutions. With almost 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Steve has handled responsibilities spanning marketing, product strategy, software development, and strategic consulting. Over this time, Steve […]