Identifying The Right Marketing Technology is a Challenge for CMOs

Christian Andersen is the Director of Product Marketing for IBM across the Middle East and Africa region. Over the course of the 19 years with IBM, nine of which were spent in this region, Christian has held several marketing roles across diverse functional areas as market intelligence, campaign management, digital, channel, client and product marketing […]

Big Data, IoT, and AI Will Help Personalise Brand Experience

Darren Coleman, founder and managing consultant at Wavelength Marketing, talks extensively about brand experience.  With over 20 years of experience in brand marketing spanning B2B, B2C, goods, services, Darren is a regular speaker at marketing conferences. He holds an MA, a services branding PhD and is a visiting also a lecturer in Corporate Brand Management […]

People Expect Actions and Not Just Ads from Brands

Beatrice Cornacchia, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Middle East and Africa, Mastercard has a piece of advice for new-age marketers.   Beatrice has been associated with the brand for the past 20 years. In this exclusive interview, she talks about the nature of new age marketing, the opportunities technologies bring, and the advice she has […]

Data Helps Marketers Create Messages and Conversations That Are Personalised…

… to unique customer needs, including the content and tone, as well as the channels used to deliver the messages, says Peter DeBenedictis.  In part two of his two-part interview with MarTech Vibe, Peter DeBenedictis, CMO, Microsoft Middle East and Africa, speaks about data, personalisation, digital transformation, and much more. Peter also lists his top […]

Immersive Technology Makes for Richer Customer Experience

Says Peter DeBenedictis, CMO, Microsoft, MEA. Peter DeBenedictis took over the role of CMO, Microsoft in the Middle East and Africa in March 2017. Prior to joining Microsoft, Peter led marketing functions with several of the world’s leading brands, including General Electric, Philips, and FedEx. In over three decades of his life in the Middle East, […]

There is No Stopping AI

Xavier Anglada, Managing Director – Accenture Digital Lead in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, speaks about digital transformation, customer experience, data and why there is no stopping artificial intelligence (AI). Xavi, as he is more popularly known, is a native of Spain. Having lived in four continents, he has led assignments in over […]