About Us

Vibe Projects is a media and social impact company. Established in 2017, we believe in the power of purpose and deliver it with authentic storytelling, engaging content, conferences, and inspiring talks.

We develop ideas and turn them into carefully curated media and event properties that resonate with people in meaningful ways. Vibe Projects helps brands by applying social innovation, technology, and design thinking to the unique context of each engagement. It is led by a team of media and publishing experts who have been associated with brands like Bloomberg Businessweek, The Telegraph, India Today, Microsoft Network.

Vibe Projects defines and drives the agenda for tomorrow’s trends, be it in media, technology or social innovation.

Media Projects


The region’s only website offering insight into what’s happening in the world of marketing technology today. We mine the tech world for lively and meaningful stories and analysis making it indispensable for thought leaders and strategists. Reaching over 220,000 unique users, we deliver technology content never heard before, in a way never seen before.

Vibe Content Lab

We create insightful content and experiences that shape opinions. These high-touch, rich, deep content pieces or videos are carefully researched, written or shot by domain experts. Inspired by class leading editorial, we are committed to telling brand stories which connect with affluent audiences.

Vibe Projects has operations in Middle East and India.